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Clara Zangilorami

Senior Marketing Manager @Iubenda (Italy)

"I have started my coaching journey with Annabella in a moment of confusion and need of guidance. With her attitude she has been able to guide me in understanding myself, my triggers, my inspirations, dreams and fears. She is extremely empathic and loves what she does, I have felt understood and supported at all times."


Molima Motuta

Marketing Consultant @Self-Employed (France)

"Before you even think about climbing Mount Everest, you know you will need a sherpa! Well, Annabella is the sherpa you need to become the best version of yourself and boost both your confidence and career."


Olga Miakotnikova

Co-founder and CMO @Großjungig (Germany)

"Annabella has given me a few sessions of coaching that were helpful and out-of-box. She asked challenging questions which helped me be more self-aware and have a clearer understanding of what can be a solution that works for me. After the first meeting, I felt more energetic and confident."


Gessica Bicego

CMO @Paired (Germany)

"Annabella has helped me identify and embrace my leadership style, understand how to approach difficult moments in my careers and become a better leader. In every session, she has helped to see things from different perspective, expanding my horizon and helping me advance in my career."


Tracy Sharp 

Speaker & Coach @Self-Employed (UK)

"Annabella is a wonderful coach. Her questions are so on point that you know she is really listening to every word. She brings an energy of calmness and is confident to give you as much space as you need to contemplate what is most important.
I have taken some of my biggest career hurdles to our sessions and there has been an astounding difference to recognizing my strengths and authenticity." 


Koray Canut

Marketing Data Analyst @CareerFoundry (Germany)

"I have had coaching from Annabella and in a short time, it had a very positive impact on my professional decisions as well as my private relations. She has an easygoing, caring and investigative attitude."


Diego Parravano

SEO Team Lead @Babbel (Germany)

"This experience helped me understand what it means to be responsible for others in a work environment and enriched me personally and professionally with teachings that I'll bring with me for years to come."


Shikha Tiwari

Account Manager @DigitalPerformance (Germany)

"Annabella is a leadership coach but the space she created for me, was so safe and divine that even though the topics were related with my professional life, we discussed other causes. She made me reflect back strongly on what was really going on."


Nicoletta Maestrini

Lead Communications @Klima (Switzerland)

"Coaching with Annabella has been incredibly eye-opening. During our journey together, I had several important realisations about myself and how others may perceive me.
Annabella has helped me reshape my perspective on many aspects of life. With just a brief question, sometimes I was left speechless for a moment, and was forced to rethink the stories I had been telling myself for years." 

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