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Tailored coaching and mentoring for leaders who want to uncover their strengths and lead with confidence.

"It has been absolutely life-changing to work with Annabella. By the end of each session, I feel like I have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done and how I can best approach it!"

– Simone Holderbach, Business Owner @TheIdealMindset (USA)

Natural leaders are built, not born.

Talented, capable people who are put into leadership roles often don’t feel ready or confident in themselves. 


You work hard to bring your team together, inspire them, motivate them, and earn their trust. But no matter how hard you try, it feels like you always fall short.


Instead of notching up another career win, you’re stressed, struggling to connect, and wondering if you’re the right person for leadership.

Sound familiar? It’s not just you — for most people, leadership doesn’t come naturally. But you can be successful, as long as you get the right support.

A leadership coach can give you the insights, tools, and advice you need to become a successful, confident leader.

Coaching & mentoring for leaders

As a certified coach, I help leaders all over the world uncover who they are, find their strengths, and become better leaders.


Each session blends coaching and mentoring to provide you with the support you need to reach your goals. Along the way, you’ll uncover your purpose, values, and principles. And with greater self-awareness, you’ll learn to lead with integrity, be true to yourself, and confidently guide your team (and yourself) towards success.

"I have had coaching from Annabella and in a short time, it had a very positive impact on my professional decisions as well as my private relations. She has an easygoing, caring and investigative attitude."

– Koray Canut, Marketing Data Analyst @CareerFoundry (Germany)

Start the journey to becoming a confident leader


Book a free discovery call. We’ll chat for 30 mins about your goals and challenges and see if we connect. If I can support you, I’ll recommend a custom package that will suit your needs.


We’ll set up our systems and schedule our calls in advance. You’ll complete a Coaching Objectives worksheet to record the outcomes you want to get from our process.


During each session, we start with coaching. I support you to find your own solution to a current challenge. Then we move into mentoring, where you can ask questions, get advice, and hear from my own experiences.


Between sessions, you’ll build momentum by putting in continuous effort (and doing the optional, self-paced homework). Plus, you can email at any time to ask for advice between sessions.

"Annabella has given me a few sessions of coaching that were helpful and out-of-box. She asked challenging questions which helped me be more self-aware and have a clearer understanding of what can be a solution that works for me. After the first meeting, I felt more energetic and confident."

– Olga Miakotnikova, Co-founder and CMO @Großjungig (Germany)


My name is Annabella Da Encarnacao

I'm a Certified Leadership Coach (and CMO) with 12+ years experience in leadership roles across various startups and scaleups. 


Currently based in Berlin, I grew up in France (and speak both English and French) and have Portuguese roots. 


As an openly lesbian woman with a multicultural background, I’ve learned the value of self-discovery and authenticity at work — and I’m passionate about supporting others to develop their own leadership identity.


That’s why I launched my own coaching and mentoring services, helping outside-of-the-box leaders develop self-awareness, find solutions, and build confidence!

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"Annabella has helped me identify and embrace my leadership style, understand how to approach difficult moments in my careers and become a better leader. In every session, she has helped to see things from different perspective, expanding my horizon and helping me advance in my career."

– Gessica Bicego, CMO

@Paired (Germany)

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